How To Get 3,500 FANS For Your Facebook Fan Page In 30 Days

How To Get 3,500 FANS For Your Facebook Fan Page In 30 Days


1. Before you email your friends on Facebook to FAN your spanking new Business Fan Page… write 3-4 walls posts. A blank page is like a store hanging an OPEN sign, flipping it ON but the store has nothing inside.


2. Add photos of your business, of your clients, of yourself. I see a lot of my friends in the real estate industry taking pictures of houses. Putting yourself in the picture has more contexts. Tag yourself.


3. Tag pictures of your friends that you just put up.


4. Profile pictures matter. They are for better or worse the first impressions we all choose to create on people finding us on Facebook. Get a really good picture for your business fan page. Avoid logos unless you are a brand that everybody knows. Use a real person in your profile picture which in most cases should be you.


5. Your information tab will be clicked to find more about you. Write something that will appeal to the people you want to attract as FANS. This is not the place for us to write about our greatness but rather a place to let people who just found us why they should become FANS.


6. Delete tabs that you are not using right now. Blank tabs are highly irritating. Keep it simple and clean. If you are just starting out, most likely you will not have a raging  discussion board. If you don’t have something to put in a tab – don’t leave it there.



7. Email your friends on Facebook and ask them super nicely to Fan you up. You need their support because they will help you kick start your business fan page and quite frankly even if they drop out two months from today because they are your personal friends and are not interested in hearing about your brand or businesses….
That is fine. Because they helped you, like friends are supposed to do, to get you started.


8. Email your business email list: prospects, clients, vendors – and let them know that you have built a Facebook Business Fan Page to keep in touch with everybody more effectively (since everybody is too busy to read emails) and you would love for everybody to join you there.



9. Do an event. I did a wine tasting to launch Internet Strategy Club’s business fan page. My mistake was making it a closed event (you had to ask to be invited). Once I realized I had screwed up… I made it OPEN and it immediately started getting linked, forwarded by my friends to their friends and by my existing FANS to their  friends. Not only did we end up with 80 attendees but also it brought in tons of new FANS.


10. Don’t like wine? O.K. do a webinar, do a meetup, host a tweet up in your city, teach a class, do a Q &A… whatever makes sense to you. I love EVENTS as it forces me to get out of my regular bubble and meet new people out of which good things (deals, friendships, money) come out on a regular basis.


11. Run ads. Facebook gives you tremendous targeting options. It is standard Pay-Per-Click or Pay-Per-Impression model. Not complicated at all. Test it. I wrote several blog posts about how to start and improve on your Facebook ads on this website. Learn the system and use it.


12. Don’t harass your friends (on Facebook and off Facebook) to FAN you up. I am mildly amused by 5-6  emails that I get back to back from somebody asking me to forward their business FAN Page to everybody I know without giving one good reason. Your friends like you. Don’t trash that love.


13. Put content (videos, eBooks, White Papers, MP3’s) out that gets forwarded and written about. Meaning instead of shilling your company, your product, your service all the time – think about what can you put out that will help your existing FANS? How can you help your FANS? The Zig Ziglar saying about helping enough people to get what they want and they will help you get everything you ever wanted still holds true here.


14. The worse time to update your page is Friday 4:30pm  to 8:30pm. Nobody is home. Nobody is paying attention and the newsfeed is bombarded by friends making plans for Friday night (“Are you going out tonight? Where?”).  Your post, video or whatever will be buried deep. Hold on to that awesome thought that just came to your mind for Friday late night or Saturday early morning.


15. Don’t be so serious all the time. Writing about your brand, business, and your product over and over again gets boring. Link to interesting things like stories, PDF’s, videos that you find which are slightly related to your brand and would appeal to your existing FANS. For example linking to this awesome report that you are reading is a great idea. 🙂


16. Dozens of people have announced their Pages and websites on my wall. They jump in, scream out their link and run. It is a waste of time. Asking a question is much better. Answering a question is even better because if your answer is interesting enough and you are helping the community… my FANS will come and find you and become your FAN. Loosen up your privacy settings on your personal profile so your business information is available for people trying to find it.


17. Don’t spam people. Don’t spam your friends. Don’t spam other people’s fans. No matter what you call it – it is SPAM. It is not marketing. Build a place where people come and hang out and enjoy (keyword: enjoy) talking to you and others.


18. Get a vanity URL at once you have 100 fans. Name it after your brand, your location, your business, or the positioning you want to occupy in the market place. Don’t obsess over stuffing every single keyword in it though. It is not what it’s called but what is happening on the page that will matter in the end.


19. Grab the Fanbox code (underneath your profile picture it says Add Fanbox to your site) and put it on your website or blog. however… if you are going to do this – make it as prominent as possible so you can get traffic coming to your site and be able to find your Facebook Fan Page easily. Hiding it somewhere hard to find (for example on your About Us page OR putting a teeny weenie link to it) is not useful. Making it splash so everybody knows that it is important and check it out is much better.


Some lessons I learned (so far):

20. Your Wall posts are for sharing small tapas type thoughts. 3 lines max. Anything bigger – blog it or note it. The newsfeed gets bombarded at certain times and small, cute, sharp, to the point will always win over everything which is not.


21. If your community slaps you around that means they care enough for you to do the right thing. So it is love baby and it is messy. Deal with it.


22. It is not how many fans you have but what they are doing once you get them that will matter for the health of your Facebook page / community. The most important stat (it is available at Insights) is the Number of Active Fans on a rolling 7-day average.


23. Staring at Facebook Insights (Fans Interactions section) once you have been up for two weeks it is essential to know if what you are putting out is WALL WORTHY or not. Not to you and not to me, but to our FANS. They are the ones who are voting on your content at all time.


You can start today with the above simple guide. I’m Interested in your success.


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