How To Earn Money Online

Are you a newbie in online business, blogging or earning consistent money on the internet: You are most welcome! Keep reading, this is a quality resource place for you to get started.

For you to build a reliable income streams online, you must first get what earning income online really means.

My simple view to this is a means of building online businesses that take advantage of systems of automation that allow transactions, cash flow growth to happen without requiring a real time presence.

In different phrases, we make cash without having to “commerce” time for it. We invest our time upfront, slightly than spend it. We work laborious now to continually reap the benefits later.

I actually wake up within the morning and see new gross sales transactions in my inbox, because my businesses are working for me – not the opposite approach around. It is really a tremendous feeling and I’m so thankful to be living this way, however I’m glad to provide back for all of the lucky things which have happened to me by serving to others achieve the same.

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Before I move on to how you can get started, I want to set some realistic expectations for you upfront:

1. Generating Earning income online is NOT easy and it takes a lot of hard work. Nothing in life comes easy, and especially when it comes to making money online – the same holds true. None of the stuff I teach is an easy button, and although there are tons and tons of internet marketers and online entrepreneurs out there who will tell you something different (don’t worry, there are some good ones out there), they are saying those things just to make money from false hopes. I’m here to tell you that it’s not easy, it takes a lot of hard work, and most importantly it takes action. I’ll do my best to guide you and give you the information you need, but I can’t force you to take action – that’s up to you.

You Don’t just learn…do it.

2. Generating income online does NOT happen overnight, and in some cases can take months. What I do and what I teach is not a get rich easy scheme, and before I started making any significant money, enough to support my family with, it took some few months of hard work. Relatively speaking, you can get rich quick, but “quick” in the sense that you don’t have to wait until you’re 65 to start living well and enjoying life.

3. Generating income online is NOT impossible. Before I got into this business, it was just a dream. It was the situation of the country’s economy that actually forced me to figure it out, and you know what – it’s totally real, and it’s totally awesome, and I want everyone to experience it too. I get to stay at home with my family every single day, work when I want to work and make my own business decisions. It wasn’t easy, and you’re going to want to give up (like I did several times), but it is possible, and I’m definitely not the only one living this kind of lifestyle.

Now that you’re in the right mindset – let’s start to learn about specific tactics for generating a   income online.

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For most things done online, you’re going to want to create some type of website. You have a couple of options here.

If you’re blogging, for example, you could create a site using a free hosting service such as Blogger, Tumblr, TypePad, or WordPress (Free). If you haven’t heard of these before – that’s okay.

You could start a blog for free, but there are a few issues I have with that decision:

  1. When you create your site, the domain name will almost always include some “extra” part to it that makes it look less professional. For example, supposing I created fricanweb on Tumblr, the web address would be instead of
  1. You have less customization options. For example, I know that with free WordPress blogs, you are limited to using only certain plugins, and you aren’t even allowed to advertise.

These two reasons alone are exactly why I recommend going with a self-hosted website. You have more control, it looks more professional and you can truly call it your own.

The wonderful thing about it is that you can sell the site with any amount later since you have the full right to the wesbite.

You don’t know where to start from? No problem. Click Here

No matter what kind of site you want to create, whether it’s a blog, niche site, or whatever, I recommend going with this link

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