How To Earn $500 Weekly Online Without Spending A Penny

How To Earn $500 Weekly Online Without Spending A Penny

Discovers A Fun Copy & Paste Formula That Banks Over $500 Every Week From Facebook Without Spending A Penny On Ads…


You DON’T NEED A Product, A List, Or Even A Website…

Just 2 Hours A Day To COPY & PASTE Fun, Viral Content On Facebook Is Enough To Earn Over $500 Per Week!


Dear Friend:


Are You Short of Cash?


Do You Need Working Method to Start With, Without Spending


Are You Looking For Easy & Profitable Step To Follow?


Are You A Student, Graduate Looking For A Legitimate Method To Make Money Online?


How would you like to earn an extra $500 per week just by posting fun content on Facebook?

Well that’s exactly what you are about to discover in this Ebook. You don’t need to create a list, a product, or even a website… Just a simple money making method that you can apply in less than 24hrs of studying this Ebook.


With this method you can generate over 10,000 fans to new fanpage in under a week…


By Following 3 Simple And Repeatable Rules

Rule #1: Avoid Niches that don’t regularly spend money online (just one small fan page in a ‘money niche’ can earn over $3,000 per month like clockwork)


Rule #2: You must only post content from proven sources (You don’t need to create original content)…


Rule # 3: Promote affiliate products by giving a review OR offer CPA ‘coupons’… but ONLY at the right times to avoid looking like a spammer.


Following these 3 rules, can earn you a hands Free income of  $500! Weekly. The best part… it all just by having fun finding, and posting cool stuff for your fans. The right posts will build a massive following on Facebook quickly:


In this Ebook, we’ve taken everything that works and compiled it into an easy to follow, step-by step e-course.


Just a heads up… This course has nothing to do with any of the following:


NO getting penny clicks or spending any money on Facebook ads
NO selling t-shirts or some other gimmick to fans
NO selling products in the internet marketing niche
NO going after trendy niches like dog training or sports
teams that are short live


Have You Been Lied Too For Long Enough!


This course gets straight to the point and walks you through setting up your first Facebook fanpage…


…All the way to your first $500.00 week – without spending a dime on Facebook ads.


No need for products, original content or even a website. Just follow along to Get started from scratch, and earning your first affiliate commission in under 2weeks.


Here is just a handful of what you are learning in this course:

How to get your first 10,000 fans in under a week without spending a penny on Facebook Ads – PLUS how to make sure you target an audience that will not only virally share everything you post… but will buy every single product you recommend, paying you a hefty affiliate commission (as much as 75% of the sale!)


The importance and the exact profile pictures to use for FanPages (and the 5 minute photoshop trick that is proven to stop your fans in their tracks and share anything you post!)


The ‘CPA offer contest’ method that earns you fast cash starting from your first Facebook fan (I’ll even show you which friendly CPA network I use to quickly monetize all of my fanpages… Best Part: They offer same day approval AND even
accept rookie marketers without so much as a phone call!) Leapfrog your posts to the top of every fan’s newsfeed with my ‘$0 engaged post’ strategy (this will even make your posts appear above other marketers who are paying for ‘promoted posts’)


How to use ‘product comparison’ reviews to convince your fans to buy high priced Amazon products through your affiliate link… (These fans are already looking to buy products and this method makes sure they do it through your link so you get paid whenever they buy)


How to create a ‘content scavenger hunt’ that excites your fans into a viral frenzy sending you more content than you can handle AND sharing it with everyone they know… (this one trick has grown some fan pages to over 100,000 fans from scratch!)


Special Bonus: I have added an ‘advanced marketing’ section on how to double your Facebook revenue by building an email list.


This section will teach you:

How to use ‘discount clubs’ build an opt-in list without having a website, free report, or anything of value to offer…


Best part: subscribers on these list are HUNGRY for you to mail them daily affiliate Offers and will thank you for the chance to buy from your links.


I doubled my opt-ins by giving visitors a ‘chance to win’ the free report instead of just offering it outright for their email – Use this one trick alone to double your opt-ins on
every campaign AND make your subscribers hungry to read every email you send because they ‘won’ the right to see them.


The only 2 services you need for email marketing (HINT: Use these services and you do not even need a website, domain name, or hosting… Eliminate all the technical parts of online marketing.)


This Ebook is a complete system that will walk you through $500 weekly legitimately:


NO creating any original content or even products
NO spending money on Facebook ads… all of these methods cost
$0 to implement.
NO need for websites, domain names, or any expensive hosting
to deal with.
Step-By-Step Instructions On Building Your First


Now you may be thinking this is like some other product launch you’ve seen or cheap wso product… However I can assure you: you have never seen anything like this before.


This Is NOT Some Rehashed Collection Of ‘Penny Click‘ Or ‘Get Rich Selling t-shirts’ Scams Forget The Lies That Mainstream ‘Facebook Gurus’ Try To Peddle…


…These are real, repeatable strategies that cost nothing to implement… Strategies discovered newly, no trial and error of  figuring them out.


Listen… This method is not for everyone.


If you are already making 6-7 figures per year selling affiliate products on Facebook, then you probably don’t need this coaching.


Likewise if you are an ad guru and have thousands of dollars to burn testing ads, than this also isn’t for you.


And if you are the type of person who reads product after product and takes no action to improve your quality of life, you’re better off finding another more hyped product.


However, if you are looking to make 6 figures using free Facebook marketing methods…


Even if you think you have tried everything…


Even if you are one of those (like me) who has a hard time just getting started…



Then this method is for you.

Imagine this: Waking up in the morning and immediately checking your bank account balance to see that you have made over $500 while you were sound asleep. Then spending just 2 hours copying and pasting content onto your fanpages to continue building your Facebook empire…


…Then spending the rest of the day with friends and family doing what you love.


Picture this: You, at lunch with your best friend, trying to hold back your smile when they ask: “How is it that you are making so much money, even though it seems like you are never stressed out or even working?”


What will you do with all the free time you have, and whom are you spending it with?


This is an easy to read PDF that gets right to the point – a step-by-step set of instructions from building your first fanpage to 10,000 fans…


…All the way to having YOUR first $10,000.00 month.


OK… So how much is this incredible system and step-by-step instruction going to cost me?


you can have this entire system of making 6-figures on Facebook without using Ads or promoted posts…



For just 1 single payment of


#5100 Only


 You Can Pay Through ATM, Internet banking or direct bank payment 


Pay To:

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0030718549




Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362



Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101


Ps: After payment send your payment details and Email Address to 08023901675, your package will be sent to you after Bank Confirmation in 24hrs.



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