How To Drive Loads Of Free Traffic To Your Site Using Video

How To Drive Loads Of Free Traffic To Your Site Using Video

Video Marketing!

Getting backlinks from video sites is a killer way to get good backlinks and gain authority in the eyes of Google.  All you have to do is use a free screen capture software like JING or just use the web based tool SCREENR.COM and just create a simple video walkthrough of your website, talking about the topic of your site, what it covers and what all other related topics are covered and how the site has complete information about that niche etc. Make sure the video is between 2-3 minutes long and then upload it to the top 10 video and some social media sites.

Sites to Submit to:


  1. Use either JING or just use the web based tool SCREENR.COM to create a 2-3 minute video on your niche.

  1. Sign up for accounts at the video sites listed above

  2. Post your video to the video sites listed above and be sure to add a short description to each video and include a link back to your site.

  1. Repeat every 3-4 weeks

Alternate Video Ideas:

  •  If you don’t want to speak, use call out boxes instead to display the text you want.

  •  If you don’t want a video of yourself, grab a FREE copy of Open Office at and use the presentation software similar to PowerPoint.


Like many of the other methods, you can grab a gig on Fiverr to create videos and submit them to video sites.


Using these methods, I’m sure that you’ll get some great rankings for your sites. Just keep repeating these methods every few weeks and your site should rank on Page 1. I recommend you keep repeating them even if your site is already ranking well so that it maintains the rank!

I give what works for me and so if it works for me, it will definitely work for you as well. Get to work and put it to practice friend.

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