How To Create An Optin List

How To Create An Optin List

STEP 1 – Sign Up to


If you haven’t already got an account, go to and sign up by clicking on the Green order tab in the top right hand corner of the page and sign up. At the time of writing you can  try them out for 30 days for just $1.


STEP 2 – Create a ‘Buyer’s’ List

The first thing we need to is to create a mailing list so we can start to collect our customer’s names and email addresses. So click on the Blue ‘Create A New List’ button;



Basic Information

Next you need to enter some basic information;



1. List name – This will help you distinguish one list from another.


2. List Description – Briefly describe what the list is about. If anyone ever wants to unsubscribe from your emails they will be shown this description and it can help to stop people from unsubscribing.


3. “From” Name – This name needs to be something that your customer will recognise. It’s no good putting your name there if people have bought from your business because your subscribers won’t know who you are. So put your business name in here. Unless of course you’re branding yourself, which a lot of Internet Marketer’s do, in which case you would put your own name there.


4. Address – This is the email address that all your emails will be sent from.


5. Contact Address – This is required by law and will be shown at the bottom of all
your emails. It is all to do with SPAM compliance so it’s vitally important.


6. Notifications – This is optional. If you want to receive an email every time someone subscribes to your newsletter, just enter your name and address. If you have a lot of people subscribing every day it can get quite annoying but it’s completely up to you.


Once you have entered all your details, click on the save button.



Personalize Your List

1. Company Name – Enter your company name


2. Website URL – If you have a website, enter the address here, if not you can enter the web address of your eBay shop.


3. Email Signature – This will be automatically added to the bottom of all your emails with the click of your mouse.


4. Logo – If you have a company logo, upload it. It will be showed on various pages, including your unsubscribe page.


5. Social Media Sharing – Aweber can broadcast your email blasts on Twitter and Facebook automatically so if you have customers following you via social media you can reach them too. Also with social media, you always have the potential of your broadcasts going viral which can drive 1000’s of people to your offers.


Again, once you have completed this part click on save.

Confirmed Opt-In

Now is the important part. This is where you will need to create an effective, high converting email to get your customers to ‘Opt-In’.


This ‘Opt-In’ process is what keeps us on the right side of eBay’s policies. We NEVER
send out emails to customers that haven’t agreed to receive emails from us.


So we need to get them to actually WANT to receive our emails and we do this by creating a KILLER ‘Confirmation Message’.


This is what Aweber’s default message looks like;


Optin 6

Once you have written your confirmation message there a couple of other things you need to do;

Firstly you need to make sure that the ‘Require Opt-In on Web Forms’ is ON so make sure that the ON side is green.


This is important because it means the customer has to Opt-In to your mailing list.
If you turn if off your customers will just be added to your list without having to Opt- In and this can lead to SPAM allegations – which you DON’T want!!!


Lastly you need to enter a Confirmation Success Page URL.


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Once you have completed this part, click the ‘Save’ button and that is your mailing list created.


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