How To Create A Google AdWords Account

How To Create A Google AdWords Account

Here is more basic information (how to create your Google AdWords account).


You must first go to and click on the “Start now>>” button to get started.


Google image1



The next screen will give you an option between two types of accounts, Starter and Standard. And since we are going deep into AdWords, select “Standard” and then click “Continue”.


google image2


On the next page, you’ll choose the languages you want to target. So if you were in Spain and wanted to target Spanish-speaking Google users, you would select Spanish. Google also let’s you target specific countries, specific regions and cities or even a specified geographic location (such as a 30-mile radius around a certain street address).

But for now, we’ll select English language and we will target all locations by clicking on the “Change targeting” link. The next image shows where:


google image3


Then, the next window will open:


google image4


Select the “Bundles” tab and you’ll see the next window where you’ll need to scroll down the bundles and select the “All Countries and Territories (Bundle)” checkbox.


Then, the bundle window will open:


google image5


And then click the “Finished” button below on that window. You will then be returned to the “Welcome To AdWords” screen, where you’ll need to click the “Continue >>” button.

Then you will be transferred to the next page (see image below) where you’ll be asked to create you AdWords ad.


google image6


Fill all the fields with any text and then click the “Continue >>” button. Why? Because we will change your ad later, for now we just want to continue creating our Google AdWords account.

After you click “Continue >>” you will be transferred to the next page where you’ll need to choose your keywords.


google image7


Choose only one keyphrase that you are sure no one will search for it, for example “sdjfhsfg”, then click “Continue >>”.

Now you will be transferred to the next page where you’ll choose your daily budget and your max CPC (Cost Per Click).


google image8


I highly recommend you set your daily budget to $3.00 and your Default CPC bid to $0.10 for now.


This will prevent you from losing money when starting out a new Google AdWords campaign.


We will then switch it as needed, but all of this will be explained later.


After you set your budget, click on the “Continue >>” button.


You will then be transferred to a confirmation page.


There you’ll have to click the “Continue to Sign Up >>” button.


On the next page (Set Up Account page), select the option that best describes you.


See the next image…


google image9


Fill the form and click on “Create Account >>”. You will then be transferred to the “Sign-up complete” page.


google image10


Go to your email inbox and open the email with the subject “Google AdWords Account Verification Email”, then click on the confirmation link and you will be sent to this page:


google image11


Click on the “Click here to continue.” link and you’ll be transferred to the next page:

See the next image…


google images12


Write your email and your Google password, then click on “Sign in”.

You’ll then see your Google AdWords account page where you’ll have to submit your payment information by clicking the next link (at your account page):


google image13


You will then see this page:


google images14


Select your country, time zone and promotional code if you have one. Then click “Continue >>” and you will see this page:


google images15


Select your preferred payment method and click “Continue >>”.


On the next page you will have to read and agree to their Terms and Conditions and click on the “Continue >>” button.


Submit the information they will ask you for and your AdWords account is all ready.


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