How To Create A Bit.Ly Link

How To Create A Bit.Ly Link

URL shorteners, such as and tinyurl, are services that help take longer URLs (which can be over a hundred characters long) and transform them into manageable links that almost never exceed 20 characters. URL shorteners are not new – has been around for some time now. But their popularity has skyrocketed with the rise of Twitter, which only allows for 140 characters in any message.


URL shorteners help solve the problem of making links more manageable to share.


They can track and compile click data

One of the reasons that has received so much attention lately is because of the comprehensive data Bitly provides in the form of live click data, geographic location, the webpage the link where the link was clicked, and more. This type of information is invaluable to webmasters and companies – it shows where customers are coming from, when they are coming, and what interests them.


They promote sharing

You can simply fit more links and content in less space with URL shortners. A tweet can describe and then link to a webpage in under 140 characters, while a full URL might not even come with an explanation.


Even more important is the rise of mobile smartphones, texting, and mobile Internet – it’s far easier to text in a short URL than a long one. As Twitter, social media, and mobile Internet become more popular, the need to make sharing web content easier will increase. Shorter URLs are becoming more and more integral to that cause.


How To Create links


The reason why we need to create a link, is to track your website. You want to know how many of them clicked, and how many sales you’ve made. So then, you can kind of work out the EPC (earnings per click) of your offer.


Step 1


Go to and get yourself a Bit.Ly account!




Step 2:


Click on the “Create Bitlink” as below:




Step 3:


Copy and paste your offer’s link into the space provided below:




After you’ve paste the URL, click on “Create.” This is to “shorten” your lengthy link. Most of the affiliate offer links are super long, which look “suspicious”. So that’s the reason why you want to shorten your affiliate link.


Step 4:



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