How I Make Money With Physical Products On Amazon

How I Make Money With Physical Products On Amazon

Here is a breakdown of my niche selection strategy –


1. Start with what is already selling in the marketplace. The best marketplace would be Amazon and the logical place to begin with will be the best sellers section.


2. Make a list of the top 10 products in the 3 categories of health, wealth, and relationships. The emphasis should be on solving a problem or finding a solution to a pain – in other words weight loss, make money, find a mate, etc.


3. You can open a notepad and make a list of all the top 10 products in each category as well as make a copy of the URLs for each of the products as we will need them later.


4. It is my recommendation you focus on physical products and not on digital products. In other words, go with exercise equipment for weight loss and not an e-book showing how to lose weight. Go with a physical book that teaches business strategies or how to reduce monthly expenses and not an e-book that shows how to make money online. I’m sure you get the picture, so for relationships it will be a video course or a product that makes you more appealing to the opposite sex like a perfume, or a physical book on how to keep your marriage from falling apart rather than an e-book that is written by a 19-year-old nerd who has never dated!


Try to find products or solutions that will have repeat monthly sales, like an acne cream or solution that needs to be purchased every month or every 3 months. In the weight loss niche market, I have been extremely successful in selling diet pills and fat burners and not an e-book that shows people how to lose weight. For one, the strategies outlined in the e-book may not work, or the person may be lazy to take action and follow along. Either way, you lose the sale forever.

It is unlikely the person will buy another e-book simply because this one did not work. However, physical products like diet pills and fat burners are more successful in helping lose weight and have a longer run in terms of sales and repeat commissions.


Another reason I promote physical products is because the conversion rates are lower with digital products. People still have trust issues if they are buying from your website or an affiliate website and no from Amazon.

Psychologically too people are more happy with a physical product that they can hold in their hands, than an e-book which typically is not associated with much value.


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