How I Get Long Tail Keywords For Free

How I Get Long Tail Keywords For Free

Finding Long Tail Keywords is not too hard at all! You can find lots of long tail keywords in minutes.


Using a free tool called “Google keyword planner”.




It’s completely free to use all time. Sign in with your Google account. And you will reach on this page.




Click on Search for new keywords using a phrase, website or  Category and a box will open like the image below:





Just enter your niche or category related words in place of Your product or service area.


Select in targeting field as which country traffic you are targeting. I usually select for 5 tier countries as United States, Australia, NewZealand, United Kingdom, and Germany.


Also, you can use the country selection by choosing CPA offers which you’re promoting as every offer has different countries allowed. Right now am targeting for “United States”.





Next Step is to do that select “Keyword Filters” and Filter Keywords in range of 1000-10000 monthly search volume.






Now click on “Get Ideas”.


And then click on “Keyword Ideas”.




Now, you get list of up to 800 related keywords with Search volume in range of 1000-10,000.


Check out the complete list and select keywords which starts with – best, ways to, how to, buy etc.


See some of the examples in the image below….




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