Guide To Create an Effective Ad

Guide To Create an Effective Ad

To Create an Effective Text Ad


1. Make it short and sweet. With text ads, you usually don’t have many words to work with, you are simply trying to get your point across without any extras. Tell people what you are offering (like a free iPad.) Then give them social proof (100’s have already gotten theirs.)


Lastly, tell them it is easy and explain what to do (visit the website and enter your email.) Very simple to create. If you’d like, you can use capitalized words or underline something or make it bold, etc. in order to capture the reader’s attention (if your publication allows this).


2. Make the offer easy to take advantage of. Keep your domain name short and easy to remember so they can quickly get online to enter their email.


To Create an Effective Image Ad


1. Make it Ugly. Not in every case (it depends on your offer) but sometimes having an ad that isn’t the prettiest grabs the reader’s attention. Ugly banners do this well. (Note: Attractive banners also do very well.) Whatever you choose to do, make sure it will grab your reader’s attention. You can use an attractive image, large text, the word “FREE” in large letters, etc. in order to catch their attention.


2. Don’t Overwhelm Them. Make your ad simple just like you would with a text ad, don’t make it cluttered.


3. Choose Fonts Carefully. Avoid curvy fonts like Times New Roman and opt for fonts like Arial or Helvetica. These convert better and are easier to read. (Note: Impact is one of my favorite fonts to use for headings.)


4. Mimic Banners that Catch Your Attention. If you look online you can see banners people have made that do a good job at grabbing your attention. The products behind product banners you find on internet marketing blogs usually aren’t very good, but the banners are put together well and usually get a high click through rate. Look at some of those and use them as examples when creating your ad.


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