Fiverr Consistent Sales Secret

Fiverr Consistent Sales Secret



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Dear Friend,

My name is Abraham Itunnu. A Certified Certified Netprenuer who earns passive income online.


Understand that 97% of people who try to make money online fail to make a penny!


I don’t know about you but the truth is that the internet streets are littered with defeated dead souls.


The aim of defeat is to turn the heart cold and bitter. It turns courage into doubt and skepticism.


My question to you is:


“Has your ‘make money online’ career been laced with defeat after defeat?”


Be honest, Are you struggling to make your first sale?


Have you been battered by the so called guru weekly seminar organizers all around in Nigeria that leads to no success?


…When your friends Ask,


“How Much Have You Made With Your Online Biz?”


Do You Still Say, “Errherm”?


Have you worked yourself down to skin and bones and have only a dry barren field of empty promises and broken dreams to show for it?


Have You Clocked in and toiled on for 12 hours daily?


…Days turning into weeks which turned into months, year after year and all for what?


That’s basically the story of the “97%” looking to “ make money online,” that never do.


Most people who take up this “make money online” thing never make a penny.


They bleed for this thing and die trying.


Have You Been Trying Hard And Failing?




Have you experienced any of these scenerios?


  • You have 7 gigs running but No sales?

  • It takes ages to get your gig rated?

  • Your gig ranking is so low that no one ever sees it?

  • Getting positive feedback is slow and uncertain?

  • It’s impossible to find an unsaturated niche?

  • Quiting the day job is just a dream?


Do you need a solution that will take you step by step to $50 and $80 daily?

Then you need to read every word of this letter below….

I won’t  say I have the magic bullet easy as pie newbie to hero solution but I think I’m pretty dam close….


Welcome to Fiverr Instant Sales Rush…


This is designed to take any newbie, novice or intermediate marketer from clueless or struggling fiverr seller from bust to business as fast as possible!

This is by way of a unique loophole trick I discovered…

I will teach you to shell out in-demand, unique gigs in just minutes.

The demand right now is so high, there is no chance of saturation.


Fiverr is in it’s infancy. If you start today you be the fiverr kings of tomorrow with my simple method.

Discover My Killer Method to Dominate Fiverr, Make Killer Sales and Leave Other Sellers Bitting The Dust!”

Never Before Revealed… Till Now!


This is the stuff that nobody wants to talk about…But which they all secretly do.




The hard truth is that for you to be truly successful on Fiverr, you will need to go where the money is. There are sellers with 42 orders in their queue and over a thousand sales under their belt.

This is where you want to be!


In Fiverr Instant Sales Rush You Will:

  • Discover that making money online fast is not a myth! You could make your first $5 sale today in only minutes of work and break the mold of failure forever with your first success! Even if you don’t make money today. You can’t afford NOT to try this!

  • You can follow along with me and set up shop on fiverr within minutes! I’ll show you exactly what to do, what to sell and how to do it to start making sales fast!

  • No sweating over things out of your control! There’s no complicated SEO to learn and nothing over head! Just follow me!


  • A simple trick which I employ to drive massive views to my Fiverr gigs and convert them to sales.

With this Simple Method. “Even the rankest newbie can follow this course to create a potentially very powerful new income stream..”

Sound too good to be true..?


Then Read This Warning:


This isn’t magic button or miracle but it is a wonderful way to create an awesome side income with very little time and no experience required. You can definitely make a living from it.


You do not need a website or backlinking or waiting for rankings before you make money.


Who Exactly Is This For?


* Anyone looking to make FAST MONEY online

* Newbies

* Veterans

* Creative Thinkers

* Part Time Income Seekers

* Those that want a Proven Bluepring to succeed

* If you’re DESPERATE to pay Next Months Rent

* If you want a REAL Home Based Business

Each gig only takes minutes to complete and when the sales start coming in they add up fast!

Don’t count on tomorrow the offer has limited copies, so take action now before it is too late


Dont be deceived by the fake manipulated videos of the weekly seminar organizers all around town. Seminar is just an awareness.


Everything you need to succeed in Fiverr business are rightly on this package. Every code and hidden secret of making minimum of 30 sales daily continuously by the Guru’s on Fiverr are all inclusive.


What is the cost?

It is just

N4000 Only


Pay $20 (US Dollar Equivalent) From Any Country



4 Powerful Irresistible Bonus:



fiverr champion

    Fiverr Champions







fiverr commando tactics

     Fiver Commando Tactics








      Fiver Cash Secret







 fiverr fruits

Fruits of Fiverr






Pay To:

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Account Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0030718549




Pay To:

UBA (United Bank For Africa Plc)

Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 2055267362



Pay To:


Name: Abraham Itunnu

Account No: 3070664101


Other Means Of Payment:  


For Wire Transfer From Any Country


Pay $20 US Dollar To :

Guaranty Trust Bank Plc

Name: Frican Global Services

Account Number: 0154087411


Perfect Money Account Number: 

Send $20 Payment To: U6930481


(Payza Account: Pay $20


After Payment:

Please after payment, send your payment details and your email address to receive the products to 08023901675 / 08136972750 and /



 1. I have been battling with fiverr sales since January when i went for a seminar in Lagos but fortunately for me I found your website on Google Search Engine precisely by June 2013 and I was highly interested because I have been following your website at but I finally decided to purchase the package due to the bonus attached to it. To be sincere, you really turned my fiverr business arround since I purchased your package. Thanks you so much sir. You are one out of a million. Dada Aladeokomo


2. The precepts by precepts of your package made the business so simplified. You went to the extent of revealing every tricks of the Guru’s and how they make sales instantly. I’m really happy with your package. It is more than the price especially the bonus. Engr Atorise Olaosebikan


3. Your sincerity and support is what I enjoyed most. Thanks. Bola Adelugba


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