Critical Advise on How To Make Money Online

Critical Advise on How To Make Money Online

I’m about to give you a free advice. If you take it seriously it has the potential to put you on a path you want to be on – the path to financial success and job freedom.


Thousands of people I have trained learned to become successful in the world of online business building following my advice. I’m proud of that.


I also see many people mislead with the promise of easy riches at the push of a button. That ticks me off. Sorry amigo, that does not happen – not at the push of a button.


But it definitely can happen for you and I’m here to tell you what you MUST know to get traction.


Let’s get started because I only have few minutes and I’m going to show you what a few minutes can accomplish.


If you give yourself forever to get things done they don’t get done.

That’s one of the most important productivity secrets you’ll ever learn.


Limit time – bang it out – move on to next. Revise and improve the product later, continually.


I found my own way – and it wasn’t easy. It doesn’t need to be that hard for you when you can learn from people who’ve done it.


So let’s start here –

what do you need to know to get started MAKING MONEY with Internet marketing?




There are no shortcuts ? and yet? people make Internet marketing far more complicated that it needs to be. The thing with shortcuts is they produce garbage.


I see people spend six months ~ or six years ~ working on shortcut after shortcut, trying to make a quick buck – almost guaranteed to fail and when successful it’s short-lived – when if they’d spent the six months doing quality work they’d profit long-term.


There are no shortcuts – only shorter, more direct routes. Fact is, most shortcuts are detours stunting your success. Forget them – cease communication with anyone who promises they exist.


Traffic and Conversion


Traffic and conversion are the two-sides of Internet Marketing and all products, or services, being pitched at you fall into one of these two categories – or maybe they promise both, as a system.


You need to orient yourself with traffic and conversion so you can begin to make some choices, to see how things fit together.


For whatever reason people want to believe that traffic is the secret to success.


I’ve made almost no money from huge traffic – and I’ve made very good money from relatively little traffic.


Huge traffic is untargeted traffic, unless it comes to you from specific sources which are presently out of your reach so you don’t need to be concerned with them.



On the other hand,highly targeted traffic converts highly – it’s most profitable and req uires the least work. It’s efficient – focus on nothing else because efficiency isn’t optional when you’re getting a start.


“Intention is powerful in proportion to the narrowness of its focus.”




You need to understand that the nature of traffic varies. Not all traffic is created equal.


“Free traffic” is worth less than “paid traffic”, that’s why it’s “free” – except, it’s not.


“Free traffic” also takes longer to generate and offers little to no control.


Call me cold but I laugh at everyone freaking out over Panda or Penguin or whatever. And yet people keep searching for that next traffic shortcut even though they get chumped over and over and over.


I know plenty of gurus who make money selling SEO and SEO services – I don’t know a single one whose primary income comes from SEO traffic.


Let me repeat that –


I don’t know a single one whose primary income comes from SEO traffic.


The points here are A) traffic is important, but you need the right traffic and B) conversion is where money is made.


Now, conversion


Conversion is simply matching the right offer to the right people and presenting it as the most believable, efficient way to get the result DESIRED.


Yes, great copy and great funnels make more money. But they don’t make all of the money. An honest, well-explained pitch will appeal to most people. What matters most is that your belief in what you offer comes through.


Traffic = Front-End :: Conversion = Back-End


This is the next thing you need to understand. We’re still talking about the two sides of Internet marketing – but I’m showing it to you through a different frame.


Front-end products, or offers, exist for the purpose of bringing people in. They pay for, or monetize, traffic generation.


The front-end can be profitable – meaning it brings in more money than it costs. But you’ll never make more than a living by focusing ONLY on front-end promotions.


I want to make sure this is clear. When I say front-end I mean the bait that lures you into buying something more expensive.


You enter your name to join a list (front-end) and then you buy a $497 home study course (back-end)


Not all front-end offers are free – most are not.


Maybe you buy a $7 ebook. And then the deluge of offers begin.


Front-end offers tend to range in price from $5-50 and the intent is to cover the costs of traffic generation so that you can get someone on a list and promote ongoing offers to generate profitable sales later.


SIDENOTE: Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service. A special link is used to track the traffic you refer, and you’re paid a commission when a sale happens. I have done very well with this business model but you must understand the bigger picture.


BIG TIP: You don’t sniff real money, or consistent income without lists.


If you’re making no money as an affiliate it’s for this simple reason – you’re not positioned to reap the biggest rewards.


“What’s the quickest way I can send traffic some place and make some fast cash bro?”


That’s a huge mistake and it’s probably the question I’m asked most frequently.




A) Desperation almost never results in success – it puts off a subliminal stench everyone smells and runs from – people aren’t just “not buying” from you, they’re running away.

B) You have no control over the sales process and as an affiliate you must seize control, or be eaten by alphas – betas don’t win – they’re food.

C) You have no accumulating assets (ie, a list – or even an income producing site of your own).


Some of the best advice I’ve ever received, and employed, is Robert Kiyosaki’s suggestion to work for the knowledge to make money, and not to work for money itself.


Forget all of the fancy bells and whistles.


People make a lot of money selling tool after tool that complicates the selling process.


Fundamentally, you need a good offer to get behind, you need a highly-targeted traffic source, a place for that traffic to go, and a way to stay in contact with those people.


That’s pretty much it. You only add to this basic model when those components work.


It’s a FACT that in most niches a plain site with compelling information will outsell a whiz-bang site with award-winning design.


That’s not to say that compelling information PLUS award-winning design isn’t tough to beat – but compelling information is the critical element, not design.


And on that note never, EVER, take marketing advice from anyone who calls themself a “Website Designer”.


A great way to learn the online marketing business is to work with affiliates – real people selling real products. The success equation isn’t what most people think it is. The practical experience is always there for you to maximize.


Bottom line: simple works. Don’t complicate a system until a simple version of it already works.


Complex systems evolve from simple systems –


Stop and assess where you are, where you want to be, and what you actually NEED to get there.


Few Questions:

What you are doing now can it build a financial future for you?

Do you prefer a Financial total freedom or your present state?

Do you want to escape the rat race?


Again – all you need is a good offer to get behind, a high-quality traffic source, a place for that traffic to go, and a way to stay in contact with those people.


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