Creating A Winning Product

Creating A Winning Product

1. Creating Quality Information Adding Great Value


Ask Yourself This Questions when creating your product:

* Are you connecting with your customer by telling your story?
Are you answering the most common questions in your market?
* Are you creating your product so that it includes your customer whenever possible?
* Are you showing the benefits of each chapter?
* Are you ending your product with an action plan that will help guide your customer into taking action?


2. Offer a unique perspective or point of view

Whether you are writing a “how to” book, or are covering a topic that has been written about many times, you need to do your best to offer a unique perspective, a new way of doing things, or simply an easier strategy to get the job done.


3. Provides Proof of Authority

* Regardless of how well you know your topic, you’ll still need to prove to your readers that you are a credible source of information.
* Using research, case studies, statistics or facts to demonstrate your knowledge on the topic, and support your information.


4. Speaks Directly To Your Audience

* Think about an information product that you have enjoyed reading or listening to, you will quickly discover that one of the most enjoyable aspects of the product was the style of writing or delivery and personal tone that the author used when creating the product.

* When you take a personal approach with your product creation style, you allow your customer to feel connected to you. You also make the information easier to understand and follow.

* This doesn’t mean that you should create your information product so that it only tells your story, but rather that you focus on relating to your customers, and engaging them throughout the book.


5. Leave Out The Fluff

Keep your information product simple and straightforward. Don’t clutter pages with unnecessary information, or worry about page count or lenght.


6. Use Images To Illustrate Points

* Images can be very useful in demonstrating a step, highlighting a strategy or guiding your reader through the paces.

* If you are writing a “how to” book, using images to illustrate each step of the process will make it easier on your reader to understand and replicate.

* When incorporating images into your information product make sure that you use a compression utility to decrease the file size of your book.


7. Has A Great Title

* Sorry to say but people do judge a book by it’s cover.
* Many products sell simply because of the title used. Titles need to be compelling, capture attention and speak directly to your target audience.
* Sometimes you may need to change the title after publishing.
* Do some research and see what your competitors are titling their products.
* Great Title “The 4 Hour Work Week”


8. Proof Your Info Product

* If you have spent a lot of time writing your information product, you may be tempted to just push it out into the marketplace. Take your time!

* Proofereading your information product is a critical component in creating the highest quality information product possible. You need to make sure that the grammar, spelling, punctuation and layout of your information product is professional.

* Can hire a professional proofreader or have a friend or family member proof read it for you.


9. Viewable On All Operting Systems

* You want to make sure that your informtion product is viewable on all operating systems, including both PC and Mac. By creating a PDF file from your product, you will ensure that everyone will be able to read it.

* Google: Pdfcreator


10. Protect Your Work

* The last thing you want is to see your product spread across the internet as pirated copies, or worse, as someone else’s work. Make sure that you take a pro-active stance in protecting the integrity of your work.

* You can do this by securing your product’s download page so that only authorized buyers are able to access it. You could also consider adding encryption or password protection to your PDF file using various compilers and PDF converters online.


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