Best Seven Contact Form

Best Seven Contact Form

Contact Form is the most important elements of a WordPress website and without it, you are missing a great way to connect with your readers. Of course, you can use a contact email address, but then you may end up getting a ton of spam. A more piratical approach is to use a contact form, which not only looks more professional, but also safeguard site owners from spam content.


WordPress Contact Form plugin makes it easier to add a form to the website. When it comes to choosing a contact form solution, there are dozens of free and premium options available. From a simple contact form to complex multi field forms, there is no shortage of plugins.


Below, I have listed some of the best free and premium plugins available for WordPress.


Contact Form 7


contact form 7

Contact Form 7 is the most popular (with over 12 million downloads and counting) contact form plugin for WordPress. It features AJAX submission, built-in CAPTCHA, Akismet spam filtering, and file upload capabilities. The plugin is completely free and can be easily customized using simple HTML.


Pros: For a simple contact form, this plugin is out of the box and has a simpler settings page. The contact form can be embedded on any page or post with a one-line code.


Cons: Technically, this plugin doesn’t lack anything but it would be nice to have a few templates to choose from. If you want to modify the design, you would need to play with the CSS.


Fast Secure Contact Form


fast secure contact form

Fast Secure Contact From is another popular plugin with over 3.5 million downloads. It allow blog owners to easily create and add contact forms to WordPress. You can also use the form to send a meeting request to talk over phone or video.


The plugin comes with an admin interface, where you can create and preview unlimited forms. Fast Secure form blocks common spammer tactics with its CAPTCHA and Akismet support.


Pros: The plugin doesn’t require users to signup for an account unlike some other contact forms but it does provide some great features including scheduling, web based meetings, multi email support, etc.


Cons: The current version lacks the simpler interface but the author of the plugin has recently released a Beta version, which has a better interface. So that fixes the interface issue.


Contact Me Form

contact me form

Contact Form is a free plugin but requires you to signup for website. The registration is completely free and doesn’t require any work from your side. The plugin claims that its way better than anything else out there including contact form 7!


Pros: The plugin has some nice features such as – an option to send notifications to your inbox and smartphone, add custom code or scripts to your form, include logo map, business contact info, even social links right on your contact form and much more.


Cons: You are required to create an account on Contact Me website to use this plugin. Although, the plugin is registration process is easy and completely free but still it requires you to signup for an account. Plus, there is no mention about this process on their official page.


Visual Form Builder

visual builder form

You will be pleased with the interface of Visual Form Builder, the plugin allows you to build and manage all kinds of forms for your website in a single place. With just one click, add new fields, re-arrange the old ones and add anti-spam solution. It has a drag & drop solution to re-order the fields.


Pros: Visual Form Builder is similar to any other contact form plugin listed there but it does have some interesting features – Drag-and-drop reordering, export entries to a CSV file, customized confirmation messages, send form submissions to multiple emails, and much more.


Cons: If you own a very large WordPress website, you should consider using some other contact form plugin, as it stores the form entries in your database.




The Drag and Drop Builder provides single & multi-column form layout with Ajax based submission and validation. With nFroms you can display your contact forms in a popup box.


It also comes with a shortcode and PHP function, which can be used to add the contact form in content area, sidebar, footer, or just anywhere on the website. nForms comes with a fully responsive design, meaning it will work smoothly on the small screen devices.


If you are looking for more than just a contact form, nForms is the plugin you should be using.


Gravity Forms

gravity form

Gravity Forms is the most complete solution for adding forms to your website. This is the most up to date and advanced premium WordPress plugin available, due to its awesome set of features. It comes with a fantastic interface, which can be used to create complex forms for your websites. It also has a great feature that make the long forms easier to use by breaking them up into multiple pages, complete with progress bar.


Pros: Gravity Forms has features that aren’t available in any other contact form plugins such as – option to create order forms (including real time calculations) and conditional fields to show or hide fields, sections, pages or even the submit button based on user selections.


Cons: It is a bit expensive compared to other WordPress plugins available out there, but then again Gravity Forms provide more just a contact form. If you are just looking for a simple contact form solution, then there is no need to spend money on this plugin.


Mapped Contact Form

mapped contact form

Mapped Contact Form use a different algorithm to show the contact form on your website. This is a great solution for a business or company, as they can use it pinpoint their branches or offices in the area. This is a great solution for someone who features Google Maps on their website.


You can configure a different email address for every location listed in the contact form. The plugin is easy to use and can be added any post or page, using a simple shortcode.


Ninja Kick Sidebar Contact Form Plugin

ninja kick side bar form

Ninja kick sidebar is a premium WordPress plugin which adds a contact form with content push animation effect and clean design on every page of your site. It adds a floating button to your site that is always visible.


This plugin not only adds a well designed contact form, but also increases the likelihood of your audience connecting with you, generating more sales, and landing more clients.


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