6 Ways To Create Your Own Bestselling Book Through Leveraging

6 Ways To Create Your Own Bestselling Book Through Leveraging

It is very difficult to create a bestselling book if we do not know what we are doing. But if we follow the path that other successful authors have taken to write and publish their own bestselling books, it becomes easier for us to do it as well.

Why because these bestselling authors have already done the iron lifting for us. They have worked upon different promotional and marketing techniques, optimized them and now use the proven techniques again and again. In order to create your own bestselling book, you need to follow the 6 steps the already successful authors have been following ever since. These steps cover everything to model and create your own bestselling book.


However, when it comes to marketing and promotional techniques for your books, I have already told you what works and what does not so you don’t have to waste your time on irrelevant things. This section focuses on the events which happen before publishing your Kindle book.


The steps I am talking about are:

1. Finding a pattern in the bestselling books
2. Using the already available assets to get started
3. Creating your book in less than 12 hours
4. Establishing a personal connection with your audience
5. Over delivering on value to your readers
6. Designing a cover which converts like crazy



STEP 1: Finding a pattern in the bestselling books

When I opened up the Time management category in the business life niche, I looked at the first six bestselling books. All these books were following a fixed pattern and were revolving around a couple of common topics.



The common things or the topics from the pattern I observed were:

* Getting organized
* Living a stress free life
* Increasing your productivity
* Efficiently utilizing your time
* Generating more ROI on your time
* Having a checklist for yourself
* Time hacks to judiciously use your time


All these topics were found from titles and subtitles of these 6 bestselling books. Hence, now I knew what things I could possibly cover in my own book. As these topics came out from the bestsellers, there are high chances that these are well in demand and can be capitalized upon quickly.

STEP 2: Using the already available assets to get started


Once you have found out the common topics that are in demand, you need to gather and acquire your already available assets in order to getting started. In this case, I knew I had some stuff that I could procure to write my bestselling book. Even you must be having some assets at your disposal that you never thought about taking leverage of for you and your business.

These assets could be:


* Blog posts
* Podcasts
* Interviews
* Reports
* Questions and answers
* Articles
* Case studies
* Social media snippets
* Free giveaways


When I had searched for my available assets, I found a couple of blog posts, reports,
articles and questions and answers. This was enough material for me to get started.
What I did was I created a TOC first by looking at books that were doing good and then created my own TOC.

Then I structured my entire TOC in to smaller sub chapters and more readable and manageable sub sections and parts. After doing this, I started dumping out content that I already had with me. I thought it would be cool to put all this information worth years of experience in my Kindle book and provide genuine value to the people.


STEP 3: Creating your book in less than 12 hours



After putting in the content that was available with me, I researched for the topics that were left and started putting up content for that too. I compiled all this information and made sure that the flow of the content looked really smooth and more importantly made sense to both me and the readers. With all the content in its place, I just had to do one more thing now. I had to provide a unique perspective to the content I had dumped and had to rewrite it as well. One thing I always do while rewriting my own content is that I copyright it to make it more sell-able.

The length of the bestselling books gives me an idea on how long my own book should be. I always focus on solving one problem by providing one solution. Doing more than that on any of the fronts often complicates the things and confuses the reader as well.



STEP 4: Establishing a personal connection with your audience



All the bestseller authors do this thing amazingly well. The authors make a personal connection with their readers and hit them on their emotional pain points. The main places where you can establish a personal connection with your audience are:


* In the description of your book
* In the introduction of your book
* Writing a compelling story and relating it to your own life in the middle of the book
* Thank you page
* Conclusion or final words

The best way to establish a personal connection is by putting out your own story. Make sure that the story you are putting in is not too cliché or mainstream like every other story. Else people would consider it another shitty story. Your story should be crisp, to the point, should highlight the facts and must have your unique perspective. Your story should have proofs of the results you have achieved and should be motivating as well. It should ask your readers to take strong actions and succeed just like you did. If you take care of all these things while putting up your story, you are bound to establish a strong personal connection with your audience. This method has worked for me and I can assure you that it will work for you as well! You just should know how to leverage the power of establishing or building a personal connection!


STEP 5: Over delivering on value to your readers

This is one of the most crucial and fundamental concept for turning any ordinary book into an extraordinary bestselling book. Over delivering on value projects you as an expert in front of your target audience. People start seeing you as a credible person who has an authority in his niche.


There are many ways to over deliver to your readers. Some of them are:


* Putting a case study
* Putting up an interview with a famous person in your niche
* Including FAQ’s or Frequently Asked Questions
* Providing actionable steps, tips, tricks and hacks
* Giving a step by step checklist for the complete process
* Adding a bonus section or chapter
* Giving away resource kit or tool of trade


STEP 6: Designing a cover which converts like crazy


This is the last step to create your own bestselling book. So far, we have modeled the already bestselling books in 5 ways. After adding this sixth method, your book would be optimized by up to 90% for the Kindle marketplace. The last step of this entire modelling process is to create and design a cover which is of high quality and looks visually attractive so that it converts like crazy.


For example, when I was looking at the covers of the books on time management, I found that the covers of the top selling books were eye catchy and would hook the user instantly. If the covers would look so refreshing and attractive, the customer would have a great first impression about the book and the author.


These are the types of covers I am talking about. Each of these cover is of high quality and converts really well. The covers are unique and eye catchy and I am sure that they definitely keep the reader engaged and leave a strong first impression on the mind of the reader.



If you follow these 6 methods to create your own book, the chances that your book becomes a bestseller increases exponentially. I can tell you one thing from my own personal experience that when I had started modelling these 6 techniques I couldn’t implement them perfectly. At times, I even failed. But my failure was of not much importance to me as I was continuously taking action and improving with each passing day. I would recommend you as well to start taking action and learn the process of learning how to leverage and model a bestseller to create your own bestselling book!!


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