5 Steps to Get Free Traffic Via Guest Posting

5 Steps to Get Free Traffic Via Guest Posting

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting means posting an article on someone else’s blog (for free) in return to a link back to your won blog. It is a win : win situation, you get exposure and free traffic and they get content they don’t have to write.


Another wonderful opportunity is that it allows you to be associated with an authority in your niche because the blogger allows you to have space on their blog, they give you endorsement which eventually enhances your credibility.


How To Guest Post Effectively.




1. Find authority blogs in your niche


* Do a search for : (your niche) blog

* Look at the one on the first page of the search results

* See how they rank
-Google rank, Alexa rank, Number of backlinks etc

* Draw up a short-list of the top 10 blogs you want to target

* Subscribe to them


Step 2: Read the Blog


* Read everything on the blog, go back to the earliest post available

* Look at what’s been covered

* Look for what has not been covered

* Look at the writing style – Word count, spelling,British English or US English, punctuation, formal or informal style etc


Step 3: Practice


* Write a few practice articles in a style that will fit in with each blog you intend to target

* Try rewriting the article in different styles until you’re confident


Step 4: Approach Blog Owners


* Email them, compliment them on having such an informative blog

* Ask if they accept guest postings, and suggest you have some articles they might be interested in

* Tell them they can have them for free in return for a brief “bio” and a link to your site

* Do Not send articles unsolicited! – if you send an unsolicited articles 9/10 will delete your articles, sometimes some will publish it and you will not know about it.


Tip: Contact the blog owner at the bottom of your list first


The reason is that when you first start to contact the blog owners there is possibility that they are not going to publish your articles and reject them but you can find out why and you can tweak your article to a good standard before submitting it to the next blog owner in your list


Step 5: Send the article


* Make sure it has not been posted on any other blog before because if it has, then it is a duplicate content and you can be penalize


* Don’t publish it on any other blog ( including your own if it has been accepted by a particular blog owner


* If the owner rejects your article find out why


* If the owner publishes your article:


– Thank them


– Share details of the article on social media e.g your Facebook page, twitter etc

– Stick around to answer any comment that may be on the article

– Offer to reciprocate and publish an article on your own blog.


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