5 Con’s Of Social Media Marketing

5 Con’s Of Social Media Marketing

1. Posting Offers On Ads, Pages, And In Groups

Someone in your niche took time to spend months or some years to build up their audience in that particular niche on Facebook. They have been able to attract thousands of people that want to be involved in their niche.


Yet, you’d love to have some of that attention. It would be awesome if you could just go into the niche they have built for themselves and pull out as many people as you could.


You could join, then immediately post a spammy message about what you do!


You should find their page, too. Leave a comment on their page screaming about your awesome offer. Even better, just post a link to your offer on your website.


The plain truth you don’t know is that.


With groups, you’ll be either destroyed by the members or banned and booted immediately. You don’t own that group. You didn’t put in the work. You have no authority in that little world.


With pages, your post will end up in some weird corner of the page that 99% of people would never look at in the first place. In other words, even if it’s not instantly deleted by the page owner, it doesn’t work.


A company is paying to advertise and you take the opportunity to post your offer on their ad. How long do you think they’ll leave your spam there? This happened to use this week and it lasted under 60 seconds.


Instead of trying to hijack somebody else’s audience, you could target them with relevant ads. If the audience is large enough, you should be able to target them with ease.


Start small and build your own audience of people that respect you. If they respect you, the odds of them buying what you sell go way up.


2. Ridiculous, Unbelievable Claims


for example:


James Jago made 40 Bazillion dollars from his computer without having to do so much as click his mouse! How would you like to make more than Bill Gates without ever having to do anything at all! It’s perfectly legal and legit, too!


Comment with “I love stuffed animals” below and I’ll private message you my secrets!


I don’t know if it’s the excessive usage of exclamation points, but that statement just isn’t believable.


The overall strategy seems to be this:


Add hundreds of random people that are connected to other “business opportunity” types of people.

Post something similar to what’s above. Be ridiculous. Promise that it’s legit. Tell people they have to “comment” with some weird statement to get access to your secrets.

Have most of those random people you just added dislike you forever and unfriend you.


Rinse and repeat. Over and over and over again.


The saddest part about this is that it works.


Out of every thousand people you add (which will take you many hours to do in the first place), you will find a few gullible saps that will fall for your ridiculousness.


However, it’s a horrible way to sell yourself and your products. Plus, you’re making everyone else angry.


Instead of following this path of wasted time and destruction, your best bet is to use social media the way it was meant to be used.


Talk to people. Share your wisdom. Be kind. Most importantly, be cool.


3. Making Unnecessary Noice About Yourself


David has a business based upon holistic medicine. He adds hundreds of people that he hopes are interested in what he has to say. James goes “Live” on his network of choice and begins telling people how badly they’re hurting themselves by living their lives the way they want. He has the better solution and all you have to do to get it is pay $497 right now to get access to his training program that teaches how to do it the better way. His way.


The truth about this is that James will never get more than 10 – 15 views on his live video. Plus, he’s making people feel bad about themselves which does the opposite of what he wants to do: It pushes everyone away from him.


Once again, this comes back to finding people that will like what you have to say.


This starts with where you find your friends. How you talk to them and treat people in general.


If you start talking about your very specialized business with people that may or may not be interested, you turn people off more than you turn them onto your awesomeness.


Instead of adding random people, join a couple of groups. Add value and comment on things other people are posting. Become friends with people that can truly value what you have to offer.


Then, when you go “live”, focus on what they need. If you help them, some will want to sign up with you.


4. Tagging Everyone In A Post


You decided to make money fast this morning, so you go and grab an affiliate link for weightloss offer and decide to tag every single person you can in a post to make some quick cash.


Doesn’t work. Ever.


The goal with this strategy is to extend your reach beyond your network into the network of 50+ others.


Generally, those that know they can will remove the tag quickly. Those that don’t will just block you.


The only time to tag someone else in your post is if they are aware you’re going to do it and would approve.


5. Bating Comments


What’s your favorite color?


This is a relatively new one. The idea is to post a random question that anyone can answer in the hopes that they do. Once they comment on one of your posts, the network will see that they like you and show them more of the stuff you post.


While this does work, it’s annoying. It’s also very obvious.


As this is done repeatedly, it loses the ability to draw in people. The same few people that would have seen your posts will be the ones commenting and your reach won’t go any further than it would have without the lame questions.


Instead, ask pointed questions that directly apply to someone that needs what you sell. The best way to do this is to have a clear idea of who you can help best. Not “who you can help”. Who you help best.


Once you know who you want to attract and focus on their needs, they’ll flock to you.


Smart Social Marketing

Social selling is as much an art as a science. The key will always be to help people. The more you help people, the more money they’ll throw at you.


Never resort to spam, no matter how easy some others make it look.


Legitimately build your following and you’ll be able to sell much easier.


One of the easiest ways to speed up the process is to drop an email to your list and suggest that they connect with you online.


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