4 Business Pillars You Must Build

4 Business Pillars You Must Build

The Truth of the matter is that Offers expires or die.



Business Opportunities fold, implode, or disappear. This may be due to unforeseen circumstances or situation beyond control. It happens several times.


A timely offer that does huge amounts of sales may have a limited time on it’s run.


What can you do to ensure your business goes on and doesn’t die with any offer?


Build Your Email List

Your email list is your greatest asset. If you’re promoting someone else’s product as your business, the single worst thing you can do is send traffic straight to their offer for more than one reason:


You’re building their list, not yours.
You’re placing far too much faith in the longevity of the offer you’re promoting.
Your conversions will be lower than they would be if you warmed them up to the idea of the product via email.

The simple solution is to create a squeeze page and send traffic there instead. That way, if the offer dies, you can move them to a new one and not have to start at zero.


Create Your Own Voice



Your Voice Standing behind an offer is smart, but being overly loud about it is not.


How silly will you look if that offer dies?


Instead, provide value of your own.


You definitely need to provide some value to your customers. If you’re not selling any products of your own, give away as much value as possible. Tell your audience everything they need to know to do well with the offer you want them to sign up for. Share the things they wouldn’t get from the main product.


Help them sell more.


Then, their loyalty will be to you instead of the offer. If you leave, far more will come with you.


Develop Your Own Offers


Even if you never sell them, it would make sense to build up offers of your own. If you don’t want to sell them, use them as bonuses for whatever company you’re currently working with.


Try to focus your energy on things your prospects need that the offers don’t usually provide. See if there is any software out there that you can either have built or white label (rename and sell as your own).


Video series, PDF reports, live Q and A sessions, and interviews with experts are all valuable as long as they cover the right topics. The more you have to offer to your audience, the more likely they’ll be to remain loyal to you.


If you focus on filling in blanks for your customers, you can’t lose.


Find Connected Offers To Promote


It’s nearly impossible to find an offer that covers every imaginable base your prospects need to cover. Instead of just promoting the primary offer, find a few parallel offers you can run for additional income.


Focus on software and training your prospect needs. Even better, find things you can’t provide them.


Recommend them to your audience via email, social media, and whatever other avenues you have to reach them.


This way, you have income from more than one source. If your primary source crashes and burns, you’ll still have income coming.


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