How To Make Money With Twitter Part 2

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Set Up A Twitter Account

The first step in getting started with Twitter is setting up a user account. Twitter, the 140 character short message gives you the ability to network with and talks to hundreds of thousands of other people online. It is one of the most used social marketing tools online, not to mention social media device. If you do not have a Twitter account, there has never been a better time to sign up for one.

How To Sign Up


The first thing you need to do to set up a Twitter account is to visit These are the important need things you need to do to set up your account.

  • Click on the link that says, “ Join for free” which is located right at the homepage.
  • Choose your screen name. There are many conventions on what type of name you should select. If you do not mind people online knowing who you really are, use your real name here. You may want to use the name you are known by online. This does not have to be difficult.
  • Upload a picture. Twitter does not require you have a photo uploaded to use it, but you will find people more willing to talk with you if you do have a photo. The reason is that accounts with  a photo are real people for sure.
  • If you are unsure if you want to have a lot of people following you, which means they will be able to read your messages, you can protect your messages by clicking on the box that says, “protect my messages.”
  • You may be asked to provide an email address, just for the sake of identification. It is not shared.

Once you have taken these steps, your account is set up. With this done, you can start to explore the website and get to know those who are online. You will be impressed with just how easy it is to start enjoying all that Twitter has to offer.

Twitter Apps: Yes or No?


When you first begin to use Twitter, you will be able to log into the website, sign up for free account and start posting your brief updates right from the site. What you may not realize is that you can keep doing this in the same way, or use one of the many applications, more commonly known as apps, instead. Twitter offers a variety of products to enable you to Tweet anywhere. There are also many third party products out there, most of which are also free services to use. Apps can make Twitter more accessible, more enjoyable or even easier to use.

Are you considering using a few Twitter apps? If you are not sure if you should use them, consider the following:

  • Check out the company that is producing them. You will want to ensure that they are reputable, especially in instances of third party applications.
  • Find out what is downloaded to your computer. You do not want adware or spyware to be downloaded at the same time.
  • Be cautious about costs. Many programs give you the flexibility you want without costing you anything at all.

Twitter apps make it a lot more enjoyable to use. You may want to consider a few of these if you are someone who wants to be even more connected than you already are!

Twitter is an excellent service. It provides individual with countless bits of information, news, stories, feedback or just plain unique information. One of the worst things you can do is to be a man adding nothing of benefit to the conversation.

Here are some tips to ensure that you are adding value to the conversations.


  • Jump into conversation that you see playing out and offer your insight on the topic, perhaps based on your experiences.
  • Offer an opposing viewpoint. There are many people who will post their opinions or political view points on Twitter. Most people know that if they post something that is controversial they are going to get response and sometimes that is what they are after. Posting an opposing viewpoint is absolutely appropriate to do, but do so with respect. Never insult or degrade the other person.
  • Give you readers something to read and learn. Take for instance, if you are promoting organic products through your website, you may learn of a new product that could be helpful in the home. Post a link to a post and let others know about it. Giving readers something meaty, packed with information, is going to be helpful to them.

Be Original On Twitter


One of the worst mistakes you can make as someone who is new to using Twitter is to be just like everyone else. This will make people to overlook you because you are not unique. When you are original, you will be able to drive massive traffic to your link, blog or website using Twitter.

One of the most important rules you should have when using Twitter is to be original and yet be yourself. Check below for some tips to remain original:

  • Do not just send messages similar to what other people are talking about. Find something completely off the wall to talk about.
  • Jump to conversation appropriately. Convey your interesting messages in a friendly manner.
  • Share opinions and be respectful of other’s opinions. One thing that no one wants is to be attracted, but Twitter is about engaging everyone.

Twitter is very interesting because is a platform that enables you to make money even with a website.

Do You Need More Than One Twitter Account?


Twitter is a fantastic tool for many things. You can use it to talk to your friends from work. You can use it as a tool to promote your business. You can use it as a way of making a political statement that you do not want everyone to know. In these situations, it makes sense that people do want to have more than one Twitter account. The good news is that there is no reason not to do so. You can have more than one account without charge and you can use it to make money on any niche you decided to promote online.

Why More Than One Account?


There are several reasons why you may want to have more than one Twitter account. Here are some of them:

  • You want to keep your business separate from your friends. On one hand, you want to use Twitter to promote your business. This is a fantastic reason to use Twitter and therefore, you do want to separate the two accounts.
  • You want to make a political statement but you do not want to offend friends or family. Twitter is full of political statements. There are many people who log on just to state how much a politician has screwed up! It is definitely a good thing to keep these things separate when it matters to do so.
  • You want to use Twitter to market various sections of your business. You may have several business marketing strategies and therefore need to have more than one resource to promote them. You may not want to market to parent while at the same time marketing to the singles dating crowd, should you be involved in both industries.
  • You want to keep work at work and home at home. You may not want to be known as a blogger when you just want to chat about your child. Separating the two for this reason is an easy solution.
  • You want to be more than one person. If you need a second identity, this could be the place to make it happen.

Are you interested in massive traffic to different niches? This can be accomplish in Twitter.


Take for instance, if you have 20 accounts in different niches such as, dating, how to make money, forex, weightloss, health, etc

If you only have 2000 followers on each account, what this simply means is that you can send messages to 20 X 2000 = 40,000 at a time. Which means you already have 40,000 subscribers that you can make money from. That is the power of Twitter.

Note: Every traffic from Twitter is highly accepted in any business online even Name drive, Google Adsense, CPA, Affiliate etc


I have 50 Twitter accounts that I use for this purpose only. I personally dedicated it for my Name drive account and with all my domains with Name drive, I have never been penalize for once for traffic.

How To Achieve This


I have a professional software  that help me do all this on autopilot. It will do all I have been teaching you from beginning to the end.

It allows you to create unlimited account. Which means, you can create a Twitter account for all your stated niches.

It automatically selects people to follow and never follow the same person twice

It automatically stops when twitter follow limits are reached, so I don’t have problem with twitter banning my account for over following people.

It enables you to schedule your tweets at interval. Which means, you don’t need to tweet yourself, once scheduled it will tweet automatically for you.

What I like about this software is that it enables me to search followers according to my keyword (Niches).

These are some of it’s powerful automated tweet features:


  • Automated Tweets post throughout the day
  • Post Tweets to Facebook, Linkedin, and Myspace!!
  • Unique Tweet Generator – creates unique tweets automatically
  • RSS Tweets – tweets any RSS feed whether from your blog updates, or any other source
  • @Reply Tweets – post a random tweet @someone who posts a tweet directed @you
  • Re-Tweets- Automatically retweet another user
  • Url shortener – Shorten long URLs automatically
  • Mp3 Poster – Bands and artists can upload Mp3s to and share on twitter
  • Symbols – Access to special UTF8 characters like stars, arrows, and smileys
  • Link History – Easy access to previously shortened URLs and Mp3s
  • Post Tweets with random time delay

The name of the sofware is “tweetadder”. I’m ready to give this software unlimited license to you for just $70


This price can change at anytime from now, it is better you take the advantage now


This software will do everything for you from beginning to the end and even schedule your tweet and spin them. You can create unlimited account. It makes it easier for you to have account for every niche your are promoting or working with.


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